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Sports brain-injury law is needed, prominent attorney says at Duquesne

Alumnus Jason Luckasevic recently returned to campus for a special continuing education program on sports concussion litigation and discussed how the legal issue of head trauma in sports must move from a sole focus on jarring, concussive blows to a broader view of repetitive hits.

National Public Radio interviews constitutional law scholar

National Public Radio's Nina Totenberg interviewed Ken Gormley for a story about the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, expected this summer, on the legality of President Obama’s executive action to grant temporary legal status to up to 4.5 million people who entered the country illegally.

Study Law in Paris, Cologne, and Brussels this Summer

Interested in studying law abroad? Join Duquesne Law May 28 - June 18 in Paris, Cologne, and Brussels. Earn up to six ABA-approved credits and complete an optional externship. The early registration discount ends Feb. 29.

Earn a Law Degree with a Commitment to the Highest Ethical Standards

As a student of the Duquesne University School of Law, you will be trained to a high degree of professional skill with a special sensitivity to ethical and moral concerns. Graduates of our school know the law in a comprehensive fashion and in a range of specialized areas such as corporate law, tax, litigation, environmental law, energy law, health law, intellectual property, international law, and the law of electronic commerce. 

But what truly sets a Duquesne lawyer apart is a deep understanding of the difference between what the law allows us to do and what is the ethical course of action that best serves our system of justice.  In an era when ethical concerns are among the most important questions facing the legal profession, we train our graduates to make contributions to society on a grand scale.  Duquesne University’s School of Law has, for more than a century, reflected the University’s unique emphasis on justice and service to others. 

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