Duquesne University School of Law

Upper Level Writing Requirement

To reinforce and expand the skills learned in the required 1-L Legal Research and Writing Course and to develop the techniques necessary for in-depth analysis and organization of a large body of material, a student is required to produce and submit, prior to graduation, an original work of acceptable professional quality involving a significant exploration of a single major topic in compliance with the provisions set forth below. This requirement must be satisfied for full-time day division students during the final four (4) semesters prior to graduation including summer sessions and for evening and part-time day division students during the final six (6) semesters prior to graduation including the summer sessions.

This project must be supervised, and approved by a full-time Law School faculty member or by an adjunct faculty member who has been approved in advance for this purpose by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Students must complete the Upper Level Writing Requirement Intent form no later than 30 days after the start of the semester in which the project will be completed.

To be eligible for review and approval, the project must total at least 7500 words (including citations, endnotes and footnotes) and must be in a format prescribed by the faculty member supervising the project. The project can consist of one paper or a series of papers. If the project consists of one paper, the faculty member and student must meet at least twice during the semester, and the faculty member must review at least two drafts of significant portions of the paper. If the project consists of a series of papers, then each of those papers must be reviewed by the faculty member and revised by the student in accordance with the review provided by the faculty member.

After the project is completed, students should give two copies of their paper(s) and an Upper Level Writing Requirement Completion form to the faculty member he/she worked with on the project. The faculty member will sign the completion form and return it to the Law School Registrar's Office.

More information can be found in the Academic Bulletin