Duquesne University School of Law

Laptop Exams / ExamSoft

All students have the option to take laptop exams using ExamSoft/Softest software.  Students must complete these importants steps to qualify their laptop for use during final exams.

Summer 2017

June 26 - June 29

June 30 - July 6

July 7
July 10 and 13
Kick-off Email and Laptop Preparation Week Practice Exam Period Final Preparations Real Exams
Approximately 3 weeks
before exams.
Do Not skip these steps.
ALL users must watch for dates and special instructions.
1 Week long.
Two days for live support. 
Do Not submit blank or random text.
the Verification Form. Include 
Emergency Contact Info. Cannot miss this deadline!
Verification Form
Check for exam files
and messages from Registrar.
Do Not Download files until
you are in your exam seat.
Follow Registrar's, Proctor's
and Instructor's guidelines.

Watch for the Kick-Off email for specific instructions.


Important Contacts

Exam Procedures/ Install

SofTest Software Issues

Internet Connection Issues

Dayna Power
Room 220
Room 304 during all exams
ExamSoft Solution Center

Duquesne CTS
Help Desk – 2nd Floor Student Union