Duquesne University School of Law

Laptop Exams

About Laptop Exams

Students may take exams using a Blue Book or use their personal laptop computers. To be eligible to use a personal laptop, students must prepare their computers and meet certain deadlines.

The School of Law uses an exam software called 'SofTest' created by the ExamSoft company, which is the same software used for the PA Bar Exam.

SofTest works by securely locking down each student's laptop and only providing access to a basic word-processing program in which to type the exam (wifi connectivity, access to files and folders and/or external media are all disabled while an exam is in progress).

Please read and understand the Registrar's General Examination Policies and Procedures

  •  If you know for sure you will not need to take a laptop exam, send an e-mail to powerd@duq.edu so that you will not receive unnecessary reminders.

Laptop Preparation and Final Exam Process - Fall 2016

MAC Users:  Please read the notice under Software Installation.

Follow these steps carefully to ensure a successful laptop exam experience.

November 14 - 27
November 28 - December 2
Deadline is Friday, 12/2/16, 4:00 p.m.
December 6
December 9 - 21
Kick-off Email and Laptop Preparation Week Practice Exam Period Final Preparations Real Exams

Approximately 3 weeks before exams.

Do Not skip these steps. ALL users must watch for dates and special instructions.

Laptop Preparation

Software Installation

1 Week long.

Two days for live support. Do Not submit blank or random text. Retype the Verification Form. Include Emergency Contact Info. Cannot miss this deadline!

Practice Exam

Check for exam files and messages from Registrar. Do Not Download files until you are in your exam seat.

Follow Registrar's, Proctor's and Instructor's guidelines.

Real Exams

 Find Your Exam ID

  1. Log into DORI
  2. Go to your student role (in upper right, click Go to drop down and select Student)
  3. Click the Academics tab
  4. Browse to the School of Law Resources channel (scroll down to lower left)
  5. Select your Term and Exam and your unique exam number will be displayed.


**SPECIAL NOTE:  Every semester it happens that someone’s computer is lost, stolen or damaged during the finals period. Make sure you have important files backed up off your laptop and

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LAPTOP UNATTENDED in the library or other public spaces.