Duquesne University School of Law

Taking a Real Exam

Important Dates

May 1 - 12 - Real Final Exams



  • Fully charged laptop battery and power cord.
  • Power Off/Power On for a fresh boot-up and internet connection. Do not just restart or lift laptop lid.
  • Turn OFF programs running in the background like Spotify, Skype, OneDrive. 
  • Set computer power management settings to NEVER.
  • Turn virus checking software OFF.
  • Verify laptop network connection on campus.


Taking the Exam

  1. Arrive at least fifteen minutes early and strictly follow all Proctor instructions.
  2. Launch SoftTest software:
        Student ID = first part of your DU e-mail address without the @duq.edu
        Password = 6-digit Exam ID found in Kick-Off e-mail. Do not change your password.
  3. Download the appropriate exam file. Only one download is available for each real exam.
  4. Open Take-An-Exam and strictly follow Proctor Begin/End directions. Follow Exam Instructions. Time stamps are kept on each exam file to ensure fairness. All questions are delivered on paper. Type all your answers in this single, long file. Files are being backed up every 60 seconds to your hard drive.
  5. Complete/Submit/Upload exam. Do Not Leave the exam area unless you receive BOTH the Green confirmation screen and e-mail. There may be a 2-3-minute delay in larger classes while everyone is trying to reconnect to the wifi. Simply pack up your area and return all materials to your Proctor. By then you should have a successful upload.
  6. If you are unable to upload, move the machine to Room 304 for further support.
  7. Turn virus software ON




Exam Procedures and Installation
SofTest Software Issues
Internet Connection Issues

Dayna Power
Room 220
Room 304 during all exams

ExamSoft Solution Center

Duquesne CTS
Help Desk – 2nd Floor Student Union