Duquesne University School of Law


Regular and punctual attendance at all classes is mandatory, and the following policy shall apply to all courses in the School of Law. Faculty members are not required to announce attendance rules at the start of the semester in which a course begins, unless implementing a stricter attendance standard than that set forth below.

A student who misses more than 20% of scheduled classes for a course in any semester without good cause, as determined by the faculty member, will receive a grade of "F" in that course and receive no credit, regardless of whether the course grade is based on one or more quizzes, exams, papers or projects. A student's late arrival or lack of preparation for class may be counted by the faculty member as an absence.

Students who are notified that they will fail an elective course due to excessive absences may petition the Academic Status Committee for relief; however, the sole relief that may be granted, in the discretion of the Committee, is to convert the "F" to a withdrawal from the course.  This relief will be granted only if good cause is provided by the student to the Committee in advance of its consideration of the student's petition, and only if the course instructor acquiesces.  Further, no student will be entitled to a withdrawal if it would result in the student being enrolled in fewer credits for the semester than required for residency purposes.  The right to petition does not apply to excessive absences in required courses because no student may withdraw from a required course.

For the purposes of illustration only, a student may miss no more than three classes in courses that are scheduled to meet 14 times per semester, no more than six classes in courses that are scheduled to meet 28 times per semester, and no more than eight classes in courses that are scheduled to meet 42 times per semester.

Any absences for an extended period of time, due to illness or other exigent circumstances, must be reported to the Assistant Dean of Students and the School of Law Registrar.