Duquesne University School of Law


(The following was adapted from the Academic Bulletin)

Courses eligible for auditing are determined by the School of Law. No student shall be permitted to audit a course that is examined on the Pennsylvania Bar Examination.

Subject to the approval of the Academic Status Committee, a student may be permitted to audit any other course for good cause. All courses that are permitted to be audited are subject to the normal attendance requirements. No student shall be permitted to sit in a class without approval from the Academic Status Committee. A faculty/adjunct member may not give a student permission to audit or sit in on a course.

Audited courses may not be converted to matriculated credits.

Auditing a course during any semester will not reduce the credit requirement for graduation or the residency credit requirement. In addition, no student shall be permitted to audit more than one (1) course per semester. A student will not be allowed to audit a course if the credits assigned to the audited course, when added to the other credits for which the student is registered, exceed the maximum permitted to be taken during the semester.

All requests to the Academic Status Committee must be in writing, signed, (email or fax requests are unacceptable) and delivered to the Office of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.