Duquesne University School of Law

Withdrawals and Refunds

Withdrawal from School

A student who wishes to withdraw from school must submit a typed notification (email or fax requests are unacceptable) to the Office of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.  A student who ceases to attend class during any semester, or fails to enroll in the succeeding semester without first obtaining a Leave of Absence or who fails to return within the time specified in his/her approved Leave of Absence, will be deemed to be absent without approval.  Such student shall receive a failing grade in the course(s) for which he/she has previously registered.  Any student who has withdrawn from school and wishes to be readmitted must file a new application for admission.  Such student will be evaluated relative to all other applicants when being considered for admission.  Permission to withdraw will not be granted to any student who has not fulfilled all of his/her financial obligations to the University. 


Tuition refunds are based upon the date of a student's withdrawal from school.  The date of withdrawal is the date on which the Academic Status Committee receives the student's notice of withdrawal.  Any scholarship recipient, including recipient of a Law School Academic Scholarship, who withdraws from school, is not entitled to any part of his/her award.  Fees and acceptance deposits are not refundable.


Tuition refunds will be made according to the following schedule:

Date of Withdrawal Refund
First week of class 100%
Second week of class 80%
Third week of class 40%
Fourth week of class 20%
After the fourth week -0-


Leave of Absence

If a student is unable to complete a semester's work, or is unable, after completion of the semester, to return for the next regular semester, he/she must submit a typed petition (email or fax requests are unacceptable) to the Academic Status Committee for a Leave of Absence.  No Leave of Absence will be granted for longer than one year, except as otherwise required by law.  Except for compelling reasons, a Leave of Absence will not be granted to any student during the first year or to a student on academic probation.

A student who has reentered the School of Law after a Leave of Absence will not be ranked.  Upon request, the Registrar's Office will provide the student with a statement of presumptive rank, which will explain that the student is not eligible for an official ranking, but will estimate what the student's approximate rank would be.  Any student who returned to the School of Law after a Leave of Absence forfeits his/her eligibility for a scholarship based on rank.