Duquesne University School of Law


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Day classes are designated by sections 01 to 09 and Evening classes by sections 61 to 69

Online courses are designated by section 51

Fall courses - 5-digit number beginning with the number "1"
Spring courses - 5-digit number beginning with the number "2"
Summer courses - 5-digit number beginning with the number "3" 

Registration Tools

Students may register for required and elective courses, regardless of division; however, day and evening students will be given registration preference for courses in their respective divisions.

Web registration during assigned dates and times is only available for students in good standing.  Students who are unable to register online must meet with the Law School Registrar and/or the Assistant Registrar.

Students must be officially registered and attend classes in order to be considered a full time, part time or evening student at Duquesne University School of Law.  If students are not registered for classes, they are not permitted to attend class, engage in student activities, or generally have access to the building and grounds or use of the Law School facilities.  Students are permitted to make changes to their schedules during the designated drop/add period for each semester.  Schedule changes are not permitted once the drop/add period has ended for that specific semester. 

At the time of registration, it is the responsibility of all students to check the final exam schedule for any exam conflicts. 

Cross Registration with the University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Joint Degree Programs