Duquesne University School of Law

China Summer Study of Law in Beijing-Starting in 2017

 The First and Longest Running Quality ABA Program in Beijing

  • The center of the world economy is shifting to Asia; China is now an economic super power. All major American businesses are investing and trading with China. Your future clients most likely will have dealings with Chinese governments and businesses. Seventy of the 250 largest American law firms have offices in China. Understanding Chinese culture and the legal system will enhance your job opportunities.
  • The Summer Study of Chinese Law Program in Beijing co-sponsored by Duquesne University School of Law and the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), the top law school in China, has been operating for 19 years and is approved and highly rated by the ABA. About 700 students from almost 200 law schools around the world attended the program. The program has three components:
  • Course Work (Five Credits), The course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of all major areas of Chinese substantive law. Students who satisfactorily complete the program receive five hours of ABA-approved credit and a certificate of completion.
  • Optional Internship Program (One-Credit), Ten internships in major Beijing law firms are available for participants. The internships commence at the conclusion of the course program for a period of two weeks.



Enrollment is open to current students of American law schools and other English-speaking law schools around the world. Each applicant must submit a letter from his or her dean certifying good standing. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Affordable Costs

Tuition and fees are $2,496. Included are comprehensive course materials, welcoming and graduation banquets, several trips to local attractions, and the cost of the Medex card (which provides for emergency evacuation anywhere in China). Please note that air fare, room and board, ground transportation and incidentals are not included in the price of tuition. Estimated total costs are as follows:


Tuition $2,496
Air Fare* $1,700
Room & Board**    $960
Ground Transportation & Incidentals***    $700
Total $5,856



*This fare estimate is suggested to allow choices of airlines. Students are responsible for booking and paying their own air reservations to and from China.

**Based on double occupancy for 24 days at 120 RMB/day (approximately $20) and $18/day for food. Actual cost of food will vary. Per day costs: approximately $38.00.

***Personal expenses will vary based on individual behavior and budgets.

****Estimated total excludes optional trips to Shanghai and Xi'an. Also, participation fees in the two-week internship program are not included.