Duquesne University School of Law


Required Course: Upper Division Students
Prerequisite: Corporate and Partnership Law (note that Corporations I does not count as a prerequisite)
Course Requirement: exam
Required: Spring semester of second year for day division students and Spring semester of third year for evening and part-time division students (Students can take either Corporations I and II OR Corporate & Partnership Law and Advanced Corporate Law and Business Entities.)

This advanced course examines significant corporate operational issues arising during the life of the corporation.  Specific topics include:  the fiduciary obligations of corporate management including the duties of care and loyalty and the enforcement of those duties through shareholders’ derivative suits; insider trading and proxy solicitations arising under the Federal Securities and Exchange Act of 1934; sales of control; mergers and acquisitions; and indemnification and insurance for officers and directors.  Current topics in the actual practice of corporate law will be explored throughout the course.  The course also provides an overview of the formation, operation and dissolution of Limited Partnerships (LP) and Limited Liability Companies (LLC).

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