Duquesne University School of Law

Meet our Featured Alumni

 John McElroy, L'01

Current Job: In-house counsel for C.F. Martin & Co.

“Professor Robert Taylor was one of my favorite teachers. I had several of his classes, including Philosophy of Law and Law and Religion. I always enjoyed the fact that he really pushed his students to think about things differently. He reminded us that, as lawyers, we should strive to behave like true professionals and not ‘hired guns.’”

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 Madelyn Reilly, L'85

Current Job: Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel for Duquesne University

“I have found that the practice of higher education law, for me, is absolutely the most personally rewarding, the most challenging, and the most fun of the legal areas in which I have been privileged to practice.”

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Lauren Wylie, L'99

Current Job: Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Secretary for MOX Services

“I expected to be a commercial trial lawyer, but I really enjoy the diversity and constant challenge of my current position, and I couldn’t ask for a better senior management team in which to be a member…Don’t be afraid to look around the next corner and have an open mind when it comes to your legal career.”

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  Mike Cetra, L'04

Current Job: General Counsel and Assistant General Manager of Legal and Corporate Services for Port Authority.

“My time at Duquesne was a true life changer. The Clinical Legal Education programs were particularly helpful in preparing me for ‘real world’ legal work.”

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 Rick Roda, L'01


Current Job: Associate General Counsel, Assistant Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer for MSA Safety Incorporated

For Roda, “honesty, trust, professionalism and the highest levels of ethical behavior” are not ethereal concepts; they are part of the foundation he acquired during his years in the Evening Program at the Duquesne School of Law.

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