Duquesne University School of Law

ANIMAL LAW, 2 credits

Elective Course
Fulfills Concentration Elective:  Government & Public Interest Law
Satisfies Upper Level Writing requirement (beginning Summer 2017)

Animal Law is a dynamic and growing subject of legal inquiry that frequently intersects with traditional legal subjects including Constitutional Law, Property Law, Family Law, Tort Law, Criminal Law and even Contract Law. This course will explore federal, state, and international law pertaining to animals of all kinds, including companion animals, domestic animals, and wild animals. In connection with our survey of the law, this course will explore the societal framework and assumptions that explicitly or implicitly influence laws and decisions dealing with animals. Additionally, we will consider the practical implications of animal law, and how, with increasing frequency, it is affecting the day-to-day practice of lawyers in Pennsylvania and around the country.  Students taking this course have the opportunity to complete their Upper Level Writing Requirement.

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