Duquesne University School of Law


Elective Course
Enrollment Limit:  30
Course Requirement:  in-class exam
Satisfies Professional Skills requirement
Fulfills Concentration Elective:  Family Law, Labor & Employment Law, Religion & Moral Life

Mediation is becoming part of the legal process in civil and family cases, with courts and legislatures increasingly mandating alternative dispute resolution prior to trial.  The goals of mediation are to save time, expense, and stress of a trial, protect the parties’ privacy and autonomy, and, in family, cases, protecting children and families from the adversarial process.  This course explores history and theory of conflict management and provides skills training in mediation for students considering this field of practice or desiring improved negotiation skills.  In addition to interactive lectures, videos, and excercises, students will participate in a variety of role play scenarios to build practice skills and techniques.  Students successfully completing the course will receive a certificate in basic resolution training.

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