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Drafting Statutes and Rules: Pedagogy, Practice, and Politics

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Saturday, December 3, 2016 - 9:00am to 4:30pm

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5th Annual "Colonial Frontier" Legal Writing Conference

The least common, but perhaps one of the most important, advanced writing subjects addressed in law schools is the drafting of statutes, ordinances, regulations, and rules (for public laws or governance of non-governmental entities). Instruction focuses almost exclusively on the repercussions of poorly written statutes or rules, on the courts’ efforts at application and interpretation of statutory language, and on scholarly criticism of statutes.  Instead, law schools should teach students and practitioners how to better draft statutes and similar documents to avoid confusion, ambiguities, disagreements, and litigation. 

Duquesne University School of Law's 2016 legal writing conference offers attendees an opportunity to hear from academicians who teach how to write statutory materials, practitioners who craft statutes and similar rules, and other scholars who study all forms of legislation. Join us for Drafting Statutes and Rules: Pedagogy, Practice, and Politics. 



The conference will begin with two hours of presentations; Professor Richard Neumann of Hofstra Univ. and Professor J. Lyn Entrikin of the Univ. of Arkansas Little-Rock and others will speak about teaching statutory and rule drafting in law school. In the afternoon sessions, former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett (R) and Pennsylvania Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa (D) will discuss the state legislative process and politics and answer questions, and then there will be another hour of presentations. 

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Law Review Symposium Issue

The Duquesne Law Review, which has published papers from two previous Colonial Frontier events, plans to devote space in its Summer 2017 symposium issue to papers from the 2016 conference.


Continuing Legal Education

Continuing legal education credit of four substantive hours will be offered for the full day and two hours of substantive credit for the afternoon sessions.  



Attendance will be free for presenters and Duquesne University faculty, and $50 for non-presenters with an academic or government affiliation; the cost for other attendees is $125 for the full day (with continental breakfast and lunch), or $50 for the afternoon sessions (with lunch). Discounted hotel rooms will be available for direct booking for Dec. 2 and 3. Please check back for details. 



If you have questions, please contact the conference organizer, Professor Jan Levine, levinej@duq.edu, or the Legal Research and Writing Administrative Assistant, Carrie Samarin, at LRWadmin@duq.edu.