Duquesne University School of Law


About the Duquesne Center for Legal Information (DCLI)

The DCLI provides and facilitates access to legal and law-related information resources to meet the teaching, research and study needs of the law faculty and students comprehensively and in the specialty areas, and in the areas of ethical, moral concerns and professional responsibility of the legal profession.


Mission Statement

The Center for Legal Information (Center) advances the legal research proficiencies of the Law School's students and faculty, the local legal community, and the general public in a collaborative community environment. (rev. 9/2013)


Vision Statement

The Center will provide a collaborative environment for learning legal research; an evolving collection that meets the curriculum, research, scholarly and service needs of the Law School community; and a highly trained professional and support staff to provide progressive and innovative services to enhance legal research. (rev. 5/6/2011)