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Need a Study Break? Don’t Forget the DCLI's DVD Collection

Picture of Popcorn

The Center for Legal Information has a small DVD collection that includes feature films, documentaries, and instructional works. The collection is housed in the reserve room behind the circulation desk and it is cataloged so you can browse the holdings online. Notably, the Center has copies of most of the titles listed on the ABA Journal's list of the 25 Greatest Legal Movies of all time as well as the titles listed in the book Movie Therapy for Law Students

More specifically, the Center's holdings from the book Movie Therapy for Law Students include the following: 

Young Mr. Lincoln | Adam's Rib | 12 Angry Men | Anatomy of a Murder | Inherit the Wind | To Kill a Mockingbird | The Fortune Cookie | Paper Chase | Kramer vs. Kramer | And Justice for All | Absence of Malice | The Verdict | Silkwood | Jagged Edge | Suspect | Wall Street | The Accused | Presumed Innocent | Reversal of Fortune | Class Action | My Cousin Vinny | Guilty As Sin | Philadelphia | The Firm | A Time to Kill | Liar Liar | Night Falls on Manhattan | A Civil Action | The Hurricane | Erin Brockovich | Legally Blonde | Reversible Errors | North Country | Find Me Guilty | Michael Clayton | Fracture | Flash of Genius

Holdings from the ABA’s list of the 25 Greatest Legal Movies (which overlap with the above somewhat) are as follows:

To Kill a Mockingbird | 12 Angry Men | My Cousin Vinny | Anatomy of a Murder | Inherit the Wind | Witness for the Prosecution | Breaker Morant (Note: not available in the DCLI collection) | Philadelphia | Erin Brockovich | The Verdict | Presumed Innocent | Judgment at Nuremberg | A Man for All Seasons | A Few Good Men | Chicago | Kramer vs. Kramer | The Paper Chase | Reversal of Fortune | Compulsion | And Justice for All | In the Name of the Father | A Civil Action | Young Mr. Lincoln | Amistad | Miracle on 34th Street