Duquesne University School of Law

Personal Law Librarian (PLL) Program

If you lost your PLL information, please contact Mr. Charles Sprowls at sprowlsc@duq.edu. You can always ask a librarian or staff member for assistance at any time.

The Center provides each student a Personal Law Librarian (PLL) to serve as point of contact, answer any questions about the library, as well as offer guidance in accessing the collections, services, and facilities available to Duquesne law students. The Center recognizes the need for personal attention for the law students, and the PLL-student partnership accommodates this important academic need by offering superior service, unmatched by any other institution. Each student's PLL contacts them initially via email. Please take this opportunity to arrange a meeting or phone conversation to discuss your academic legal information needs, and maximize the resources and services available to you through the Center. If you want to know your PLL, or would like more information about this advantageous service, please contact Mr. Charles Sprowls at: sprowlsc@duq.edu

The PLL proactively ensures that each student is aware of the numerous resources and services available through the Center, and makes arrangements so that all research and legal information needs are successfully fulfilled.

Students and graduates enjoy PLL assistance throughout the academic year, as well as the summer. The Center extends PLL services to graduating students, and those preparing for the bar exam. PLL services include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Critical PLL Services for Law Students

  • Training referral for electronic and print research materials
  • Research consultation for Upper Level Writing Requirement
  • Give tours of the library and explanations of collections
  • Provide information on newest services, programs, and events
  • Current awareness and legal news about the Center and the Legal Profession
  • Update students via email messages with the latest DCLI offerings designed for students
  • Answer questions about library policies, procedures and services.
  • Arrange research assistance, and help with assignments, by acquainting students with the right research tools for their situation. This includes the development of productive search practices, enabling the student to conduct their own research, and establish skills essential for employment in the legal profession.

Valuable PLL Services for Graduating Students and Bar Takers

  • Research refresher courses
  • Access to Bloomberg Law
  • One year free Allegheny County Law Library membership (includes WestLaw & Lexis access)
  • Borrowing privileges of both DCLI and ACLL research collections
  • Clearance of library account
  • Study room usage