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Legal Research Guides - Animal Law

Introductory Resources (Study Aids)

  • Animal law in a nutshell/ by Pamela D. Frasch ... [et al.].  KF390.5.A5 A75 2011


  • Animal law: welfare, interests, and rights / David S. Favre.  KF390.5.A5 F382 2008
  • Careers in animal law: welfare, protection, and advocacy / Yolanda Eisenstein.  KF299.A55 E37 2011
  • Litigating animal law disputes: a complete guide for lawyers/ Joan Schaffner and Julie Fershtman, editors.  KF390.5.A5 L58 2009
  • Pennsylvania animal law handbook.  KFP84.5.A45 P46


  • Animal LawHeinOnline, Lexis Advance, Westlaw
  • Journal of Animal Law – HeinOnline, Westlaw
  • Journal of Animal Law and Ethics – HeinOnline, Lexis Advance, Westlaw
  • Stanford journal of animal law and policy – HeinOnline, Lexis Advance, Westlaw

Legal Research Databases

  • Bloomberg Law
  • HeinOnline
  • Legal Scholarship Network
  • Lexis Advance
  • Westlaw


Animal Law in General                                    

Animal Bite Laws

Animal Cruelty

Breed Specific Laws

Wildlife Laws

Pennsylvania Animal Law

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HV1569.6              Animals as Aids for People with Disabilities
HV4701-HV4959     Protection of Animals - Animal Rights (as a social issue)
K949                    International Law - Strict Liability - Damage caused by animals
K3620-K3624         International Law - Animal Protection - Animal Welfare - Animal Rights
KF390.5.A5           Legal aspects of Animals
KF390.5.C35          Legal aspects of Cats
KF390.5.D6           Legal aspects of Dogs
KF390.5.H6           Legal aspects of Horses
KF1293                Damage Caused by Animals
KF3835-KF3838     Veterinary Medicine and Hygiene
KF3841-KF3845     Animal Protection - Animal Welfare - Animal Rights
KFP84.5.A45         Pa Legal aspects of Animals
KFP84.5.D63         Pa Legal aspects of Dogs
KFP84.5.H67         Pa Legal aspects of Horses
KFP197.6             Pa Damage Caused by Animals
KFP368-KFP369     Pa Veterinary Law and Hygiene
KFP370                Pa Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

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