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HV1569.6    Animals as Aids for People with Disabilities
HV4701-HV4959     Protection of Animals - Animal Rights (as a social issue)
K949     International Law - Strict Liability - Damage caused by animals
K3620-K3624     International Law - Animal Protection - Animal Welfare - Animal Rights
KF390.5.A5     Legal aspects of Animals
KF390.5.C35     Legal aspects of Cats
KF390.5.D6     Legal aspects of Dogs
KF390.5.H6     Legal aspects of Horses
KF1293     Damage Caused by Animals
KF3835-KF3838     Veterinary Medicine and Hygiene
KF3841-KF3845     Animal Protection - Animal Welfare - Animal Rights
KFP84.5.A45     Pa Legal aspects of Animals
KFP84.5.D63     Pa Legal aspects of Dogs
KFP84.5.H67     Pa Legal aspects of Horses
KFP197.6     Pa Damage Caused by Animals
KFP368-KFP369     Pa Veterinary Law and Hygiene
KFP370     Pa Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

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