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Legal Research Guides - Constitutional Law: First Amendment

Introductory Resources (Study Aids)

  • First Amendment (sound recording), Outstanding Professor Series   CD # 041
  • Constitutional law: individual rights: examples and explanations 4th ed. / Allan Ides, Christopher N. May. KF4749 .I34 2007
  • First Amendment in a nutshell 4th ed. / Jerome A. Barron, C. Thomas Dienes   KF4770.Z9 B37 2008
  • Understanding the First Amendment 5th ed./ by Russell L. Weaver.   KF4770.W43 2014


  • Encyclopedia of the First Amendment    KF4770 .E53 2009. Also available online via CQ Researcher Plus Archive, CQP Electronic Library (a Gumberg Library resource) to DU Community only


  • The adversary First Amendment: free expression and the foundations of American democracy/ by Martin H. Redish.  KF4770 .R428 2013 also available online via ebrary Academic Complete
  • American Constitutional Law/ by Louis Fisher, David Gray Alder 7th edition   KF4549 .F57 2007. Includes chapters on freedom of speech, press, and religious freedom
  • Brandishing the First Amendment: commercial expression in America / by Tamara R. Piety.  KF4772 .P54 2012 also available online via ebrary Academic Complete
  • The cosmopolitan First Amendment: protecting transborder expressive and religious liberties / by Timothy Zick.  Available online via ebrary Academic Complete
  • The constitution of religious freedom: God, politics, and the First Amendment / by Dennis J. Goldford.  KF4783 .G654 2012 also available online via ebrary Academic Complete
  • First Amendment law handbook   KF4770.A15 F57
  • Free speech in an Internet era: papers from the free speech discussion forum/ edited by Clive Walker, Russell L. Weaver.  K3254.A6 F74 2013
  • Freedom of assembly and petition: the First Amendment: its constitutional history and the contemporary debate/ edited by Margaret M. Russell.  KF4778 .F743 2010
  • The legal side of blogging for lawyers / by Ruth Carter.  KF320.I57 C37 2014
  • The photography law handbook / by Steven M. Richman.  KF2042.P45 R53 2014
  • The press and rights to privacy: First Amendment freedoms vs. invasion of privacy claims / by Erin K. Coyle.  KF4774 .C69 2012
  • Religious liberty and the American Supreme Court: the essential cases and documents / by Vincent Phillip Muñoz.  KF4783 .M86 2013
  • The religious roots of the First Amendment: dissenting Protestants and the separation of church and state / by Nicholas P. Miller; [foreword by Mark Noll].  BR115.L28 M55 2012
  • Smolla & Nimmer on freedom of speech/ by Rodney A. Smolla and George E. Allen.   Available online via Westlaw (Westlaw can only be accessed by current Duquesne Law students & faculty)
  • Too much free speech? / by Randall P. Bezanson.  KF4772 .B49 2012
  • Versions of academic freedom: from professionalism to revolution / by Stanley Fish.  Available online via ebrary Academic Complete


  • First Amendment Law Review available online via HeinOnline, Lexis Advance, Westlaw (Lexis Advance & Westlaw can only be accessed by current Duquesne Law students & faculty)

Legal Research Databases

  • Bloomberg BNA Online under US Law Week search First Amendment
  • Bloomberg Law under Legislation – U.S. Constitution under Amendment I
  • ebrary Academic Complete – under Law search First Amendment
  • HeinOnline under Law Journal Library - look under Browse by Subject – Constitutional Law
  • Legal Research Network search First Amendment
  • LegalTrac search First Amendment
  • Lexis Advance under Browse Topics under Constitutional Law
  • Westlawsearch First Amendment


 First Amendment in General                                                                       

Freedom of Religion Issues

Freedom of Speech Issues

Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Petition Issues

Freedom of Press and Issues Dealing with Journalistic Privileges

Public Forum and Private Property Rights Issues

Obscenity and Pornography

Other Libraries First Amendment Law Research Guides

  • First Amendment Research Guide (Cleveland-Marshall College of Law) (note: this references their collection but has very good general research information on First Amendment Law) -http://guides.law.csuohio.edu/first_amendment

Gumberg Databases

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KF1266   Torts: Libel and Slander
KF1614   Regulation of Advertising
KF2750   Press Law
KF2801-KF2844   Radio &Television
KF4162   Religious Observations in School
KF4300   Motion Picture Censorship
KF4558   Particular Amendments
KF4770-KF4783   Freedom of Expression
KF4865   Church and State
KF9345   Criminal Law: Libel and Slander
KF9444  Criminal Law: Obscenity
PN4735- PN4738   Liberty of the Press

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