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Legal Research Guides - Environmental and Toxic Torts

Print Collection:

KF1220.P5   Casualty Insurance - Pollution
KF1256-KF1257    Torts in Respect to the Person
KF1297.A73   Torts – Strict Liability - Asbestos  
KF1297.C4   Torts – Strict Liability – Chemical Products
KF1297.D7   Torts – Strict Liability - Drugs
KF1297.R33   Torts – Strict Liability – Radioactive Substances
KF1297.T63   Torts – Strict Liability - Tobacco
KF1298-KF1299   Torts - Environmental Damages
KF3775   Environmental Law – General
KF3945-KF3965   Hazardous Articles and Processes – Product Safety
KFP195   Pennsylvania Torts – General Damages
KFP197.7   Pennsylvania Torts – Products Liability
KFP197.8   Pennsylvania Torts – Environmental Damages

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rev. 10/22/2012
Patricia Horvath