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The new custody support guidelines have been added to Title 231 Pa. Code (February 2013 release): Rules 1910-1 to 1910-8, 1910-19 to 1910-26, 1910-54.35 to 1910-54.38; 1910-64.1 to 1910-64.2; 1910-77 to 1910-78.  (posted 3/1/2013)

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KF501-KF554   Domestic Relations – Family Law
KF9320-KF9324   Assault and Battery – Spousal Abuse – Child Abuse – Elder Abuse
KF9771-KF9827   Juvenile Criminal Law and Procedure – Administration of Juvenile Justice
KFP94-KFP107   Pennsylvania Domestic Relations – Family Law
KFP567.A35   Pennsylvania Aged Abuse – Elder Abuse
KFP567.C5   Pennsylvania Child Abuse – Child Molesting – Sexual Abuse of Children
KFP567.F35   Pennsylvania Family Violence
KFP595-KF598   Pennsylvania Juvenile Criminal Law and Procedure – Administration of Juvenile Justice

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