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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial lauds new law clinic

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette applauds the work of the new Education Law Clinic in a Sept. 6 editorial “Duquesne program promotes smart discipline.” 

“Among other work, the law clinic will represent parents and students in school discipline cases,” the editorial states. “The goal is to help parents through a confusing process, ensure students’ rights are respected and, if punishment is warranted, negotiate something fair and measured. The clinic will be led by Tiffany Sizemore-Thompson, an assistant clinical professor who is active in other social justice programs operated through the law school.” 

“The Duquesne clinic represents an additional resource as parents, teachers and administrators work on finding alternatives to suspensions and expulsions. Students who are pushed out of the classroom, excessively punished or labeled problems or nuisances will feel disconnected from their peers. And that portends only greater difficulties for the students, and their communities, down the road.”  

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Faculty Referenced In Article

Tiffany Sizemore, J.D.Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Skills